How Facebook Messenger Bots can increase your conversion rate

… And explode your lead generation efforts


Facebook messenger and messenger bots are nothing new.

In their most basic form, a bot can be used to improve customer experience, guiding your customers to answers and information…. fast. For instance:

  • Collecting details and offering quotes

  • Product troubleshooting

  • Building customer relationships, delivering information

  • Answer FAQ’s

  • Setting up appointments

  • Managing a sales funnel for e-commerce or even B2B

  • Taking payments

BUT, your bot can do much more than that.

Recently, we have been trialing new platform that allows us to collect and nurture leads using Facebook messenger! The results have been surprising.

Most brands are wasting 95% of their marketing spend!

In your traditional sales funnel, you deliver an ad (say on Facebook or Instagram), someone clicks the ad and is directed to your website. If your website is clear and optimized, you might convert some of those clicks to leads, lets say 5%.

But 95% of your traffic typically bounces and you miss the opportunity.

Sure, you can re-target them…. but that still costs money. The whole process is becoming more and more expensive (and frustrating).

Here’s an alternate approach:

What we can do now, is place a Facebook ad (Messenger objective), and instead of directing clicks to a landing page (and risk losing the lead), the ad will open directly into an automated messenger conversation.

The moment someone responds in messenger, you have collected the lead. You are now able to send messages to them, just as you would an automated email nurture campaign.

It shouldn’t replace your current lead generation efforts, but is certainly an exciting addition to your lead generation (and nurturing) plan.

This has significant benefits. In the case study:

Lead generation conversion rate increased 81%

Cost per lead decreased by 66.8%

3 X lead generation for the same marketing spend!!

In addition, Lead nurturing through Facebook Messenger will smash traditional email open/Click-through rates… The recent research from Neil Patel is up to 88% Open Rates and 56% Click-through rates. . . . which will undoubtedly answer your next question:

Will people want to see interact with my brand in messenger? is it too personal?

The data clearly suggests that people prefer to communicate through messenger… A word of warning though, your nurturing campaigns will need to be tweaked significantly to ensure they don’t unsubscribe. The content and frequency will be very different to your email nurture sequences.

See messenger ads in action

If you want to see an example of how you can use Facebook messenger bots in your marketing (and collect leads) watch the video case study below:


I will write some more on this topic soon…. but for now, I just wanted to share the basic concept and results…. this is a game changer!

If you want more info, shoot me an email here.

At Results & Co, we now offer:

  • Messenger bot design and build, UX

  • lead generation and nurturing campaigns in messenger

  • Management of messenger ad campaigns and reporting

If you want to explode your current lead generation efforts, reach out for a chat.

Punch Love Womens Fitness implemented StoryBrand to see an 800% increase in conversion rate. We then implemented an automated messenger bot + Lead generation program that saw them reduce cost per lead by 66% .... they saw 3X more leads for the same spend!

Jamie Buttigieg