Ask these 7 Questions to get powerful testimonials

Most testimonials are boring and don't connect with your audience. Did you know that a well written testimonial can increase engagement and conversion rates? They also increase trust and word of mouth referrals. 

As a StoryBrand Guide, I wanted to share these great questions to help you gather POWERFUL testimonials.

The following seven questions can be sent as an email to your clients, or better yet, try filming them. Video testimonies are really powerful and connect with more people. 

Try asking these questions and watch your business grow;

  1. What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to purchasing?

  2. How did that challenge make you feel?

  3. What changed after working with us?

  4. What specific results can you share?

  5. What would you say to somebody on the fence about working with us?

  6. Anything else to add?

  7. Do you grant permission for us to feature your company and this testimonial in our marketing materials?

Why do these questions work so well? 

It is because they speak to the heart of the 'external & internal' problem of your customer. When a brand connects with the problem, it sets the hook and your customer is drawn into your brand story/narrative. 

How to use StoryBrand in your next TESTIMONIAL video

Testimonial videos are a great way to demonstrate authority without playing the hero.

In the testimonial video below (Sure, it’s a shameless plug for myself, lol) you will see the following story elements:

  1. External Problem

  2. Internal Problem

  3. Solution

  4. Success

  5. Call to Action

Notice how it is different from typical testimonials:

“I highly recommend XYZ, it’s a great product, you should buy it”

A story driven testimonial will connect with your customer on an emotional level and will draw them into a narrative. It is important to introduce the problem right at the beginning, if your customer shares the same problem as the customer in the video, it sets the hook.

So next time you want to record a customer testimonial, use these questions and you’ll produce a video that connects with your audience!

Punch Love Womens Fitness implemented StoryBrand to see an 800% increase in conversion rate. We then implemented an automated messenger bot + Lead generation program that saw them reduce cost per lead by 66% .... they saw 3X more leads for the same spend!

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When you start to apply story to your promo and explainer videos, just watch your sales grow!

Let me know how you go with this. I'd love to hear your successes.