How to How to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet (95 Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List!)

How do I make my visitors sign up with their email address?

What is a lead magnet?

How do I create the perfect lead magnet my customers can't ignore?

What should I give away as a lead magnet?

How long should I use the lead magnet?


These are some of the questions every business owner asks themselves. If you want to know the answers and grow your email list, continue reading because we will uncover it all in this blog post.


What Is a Lead Magnet?


According to Donald Miller, a lead magnet is also called as a Transitional Call to Action. It's a simple concept, you offer something of value in exchange for your customer’s email address.


It sounds simple, right? However, it's surprisingly difficult to convince a customer to give out their email address. Why? Because email is a very personal thing. So, even though your customers like your brand they won’t sign up unless they gain something beneficial. That’s where the lead magnet comes in.


In addition, email marketing is still undeniably one of the most underrated forms of marketing today, yet it has the highest ROI. So, how do you build the perfect lead magnet your customers can't ignore? How do you fill your marketing funnel with qualified leads?


How to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet?

Whenever someone visits your website, they have buyer intent. Sure, they may be at the top of the funnel or perhaps closer to making a purchase (at the bottom of your funnel), but one simple fact remains:


No matter how good you are at design and copywriting, not every visitor to your website is going to click your "BUY NOW" button, a.k.a. your Direct Call to Action.


This is why a lead magnet is so important. It offers your visitors a less "risky" path to doing business with you. It gives you the opportunity to deepen the relationship first.


For example, let's say you want the greenest lawn in your street (my problem is that I have ugly looking, brown lawn). So you visit, but you are not ready to buy. A pop-up window appears and asks you to join their email list for "updates".


Would you sign up? I definitely won’t sign up since I'm going to think of those as simple updates and it would just clutter my inbox.


But what if they offered you a FREE PDF: 3 Steps to Lush, Green Lawn in 3 Weeks?


Would you be compelled to download that content? Of course! It's a great lead magnet. I may not be able to purchase something now, but the free PDF would surely help me start rebuilding my lawn.


Truth be told it doesn't matter if you're in B2B or B2C. It also doesn't matter if you're in SaaS or E-commerce. If you use a sales funnel to generate traffic, turn them into leads, and then turn those leads into sales. How? You need an awesome lead magnet.


What Makes an Awesome Lead Magnet?


My recipe is simple. There are 4 things that your lead magnet should do if you don't want it to be ignored by your visitors.


If you have completed your StoryBrand BrandScript you will already know your customers "External Problem". The key to a high-converting lead magnet is to understand your customers problem, then offer them the answer to that problem for FREE.


That's it. It's that simple.


  1. Understand your customers problem

  2. Write some content that answers that problem

  3. Offer that content on your website

  4. Generate leads


This strategy works especially well for Top and Middle of funnel prospects.


On the other hand, not all lead magnets are created equally. That's because the offer is EVERYTHING. Also, when coupled with the right positioning and copy, a few good lead magnets can literally triple your lead generation almost overnight.


OK, now that you know how to craft an awesome lead magnet, let's proceed into the lead magnet ideas.


95 Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List


Here are 95 lead magnet ideas, broken down into 3 categories.


●      Top of Funnel - new prospects

●      Middle of Funnel - considering your products and services

●      Bottom of Funnel - close to the point of purchase


Are you ready to create your lead magnet? Let's check out the 95 highly effective lead magnet ideas to grow your subscribers.



●      Cheat Sheet

●      Checklist

●      Toolkit

●      Resource List

●      Free Report

●      Industry Update

●      Predictions

●      Guides

●      Video Training

●      Survey

●      Email Course

●      Infographic

●      PDF Version

●      Video Version

●      Quizzes

●      Audio Version

●      Giveaways

●      Calculator

●      Mind Map

●      Process Flow Diagram

●      Scripts

●      Generators

●      Summary

●      Event Recordings

●      Podcast Download

●      Audio Book

●      Templates

●      Swipe File

●      Free Branded Materials

●      Slideshare/Powerpoint Download

●      Spreadsheet

●      Transcripts

●      Splinter of a book

●      Splinter of a video

●      Splinter of an audio

●      Video Course

●      Audio course

●      Audio training

●      Ebook

●      Physical DVD

●      Physical CD

●      Physical Book

●      Fast-Start Guide

●      Workbook/Worksheet

●      Curated Newsletter

●      Roundups

●      Lists

●      Calendar

●      Doodles/Illustrations

●      Facebook Group/Slack Group

●      Members Only Area

●      Mobile Games

●      Mobile Apps

●      Whitepapers

●      Web Apps

●      Quotes

●      Poster

●      Newsletter Subscription

●      Replay

●      Libraries

●      Graphs

●      Timelines

●      Free Magazine Subscription

●      Live Chat

●      Sandwich Content

●      Package

●      Breakdowns

●      The “We’re Live” Update

●      Original Data/Research

●      Periodic Newsletter



●      Software Download

●      Case Studies

●      Account Registration

●      Free Shipping

●      Webinar

●      Free Tickets To Workshop/Live Event

●      SMS Notifications

●      Early Bird

●      Certification Programs

●      FAQ’s

●      Free Sample

●      Free Version

●      Free Coaching Session

●      Brochures

●      Catalogs



●      Discount Coupon

●      Free Consultation

●      Comparison Charts

●      Software Demo

●      Price Points Page

●      Free Trial

●      Free Quote

●      Loyalty Programs

●      Needs Analysis Call

●      Sales Call


How Long Should I Use the Lead Magnet?


Here's my advice, when you launch a new lead magnet, measure the conversion rate (at least every 30 days), then try another headline or another lead magnet then measure for another 30 days. Keep measuring and modifying.


Now it's your turn! Go ahead and choose one of these high-converting lead magnet ideas. Don't forget to measure and modify, measure and modify your way to conversion rate success.

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Jamie Buttigieg