StoryBrand, by Donald Miller

Storytelling is the most powerful tool in the world to grab the attention of the human brain, in fact, our brains are wired to connect with story. When you learn to use story in your brand’s communication, you are far more likely to connect with the right customers and convert more often. Donald Millers book outlines a framework called the “BrandScript”, a 7-part Framework that helps you clearly communicate your brand.

On the surface, the concept sounds pretty simple, after all, your customers know what you do, right? It’s not until you read this book that you start to see just how confusing and cluttered your marketing messages are. It is my honest belief, that anyone who is responsible for marketing will benefit from Donald’s insight, whether you are a web designer, graphic artist, copywriter, business coach, CEO or business owner, this book is a MUST READ!

This book changed my business, it also changed my life! I loved the message so much that I was the first person in Australia to jump on a plane to Nashville to work with Donald Miller and his team to bring the framework to organisations here in Australia and around the world (Certified StoryBrand Guide)

The core of the book is the 7-part BrandScript, SB7

The StoryBrand Framework allows Brands to clarify and simplify their marketing message so that they can capture the attention and wallet of their customers.

Often, it helps to start by completing a BrandScript:

1)     A Character

2)     Has a problem

3)     Who meets a guide

4)     Who gives them a plan

5)     And calls them to action

6)     That helps them avoid failure

7)     And ends in success

The book also contains links to great resources, one in particular where you’ll find a great template to craft your own BrandScript.

I recommend reading the book (or downloading the audiobook) and completing your BrandScript online, I found that it makes the process easier.

If you want to read a basic summary of each of the elements, read my next BLOG, The StoryBrand Framework.

Featured Video, Donald Miller, How to Get Anyone’s Attention

Donald Miller talks about keeping people's attention. Whether it's a public speaking event or a marketing email, you need to make sure that your products and services are solving a problem. Business owners who focus on solving problems are more memorable than others who only talk about the stuff they're selling.
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