How to write a StoryBrand One Liner

You may have heard Donald Miller talk about the importance of creating a one liner.

A One Liner is a concise statement that you can use to clearly explain what you offer, essentially it’s a distilled version of your BrandScript composed into 3 parts.

It differs from a tagline or mission statement in that the One Liner clearly outlines the problem you help your customers solve in a simple, relevant, and repeatable way. It’s the easiest and most compelling way to answer the question, “What do you do?”

Creating a One Liner and repeating it over and over is a great way to spread word about what you do and get people to ask for your business.

It’s super easy. Here’s what you need to do to create a winning one liner:

  1. Start off by stating the problem or pain point that most of your clients face.

  2. Talk about your solution to the problem. How you help people fix this problem.

  3. Finally, talk about the success. Clearly explain how your customer will feel after you solve their problem.

Here is one of my own one liners as an example to help inspire your own;
[Problem] Many businesses are burning cash on marketing and ads, driving people to websites that don’t convert. [Solution] I help businesses clarify their marketing message, build websites that work and help them to create simple online social media campaigns. [Success] Clients that work with us often reduce their marketing spend while increasing leads and sales.
Now it’s your turn, have a go.

You are welcome to send it back to me if you are unsure and I can guide you to create a home-run!
Best Regards,
Jamie Buttigieg
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Before you go… Here is a Video of Donald Miller, showing you HOW to create the perfect one liner for your Brand.

Donald Miller - Creating a one liner for your Brand