Get 20 Killer Website Examples Built on the StoryBrand Framework

Perhaps you have read the book, maybe even completed your BrandScript, but now you are stuck trying to create your “StoryBrand” website. 

Perhaps a few website examples (built on the StoryBrand Framework) would help you along?

How do you build a great StoryBrand website that converts more leads? Get this guide. It is packed full of examples and links to help you on your StoryBrand journey.

Hopefully these examples will give you some of the inspiration and ideas you are looking for. 

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5 Tips to implementing StoryBrand on your website

It can be confusing trying to work out the best way to use your Brand Story on your website and in your marketing. Here are my top 5 tips:

1) Be clear about what you do

If you mow grass, tell people… Do not try and be creative in an attempt to differentiate yourself from your competitor. Your headline should state WHAT you do…. clearly….. in as few words as possible. If you cause people to think, you will likely lose them.

Check your website bounce rate, if it is higher than 55% chances are, your message is confusing…. Try to focus on the area above the fold (before a user starts to scroll). Make sure it is uncluttered and clear.

Remove anything from your top menu that is unlikely to lead your customer to s conversion/sale.

2) Explain how you can improve someones life

People like to be taken on a journey. Don’t tell people how good your product is…. tell them how you can solve their problem…. change their life…. help them get what they want!

3) Use empathy

Most brands forget to use empathy in their marketing… this is a huge mistake.

Humans are hard wired to connect with other people that we can identify with, it is a survival mechanism… the same is true for your brand. If people can relate to you in a human way, you are more likely to compel them…

There are dozens of ways you can use empathy in your marketing…. start simple, tell them you understand their frustration…

4) Less is more

Read your website, then remove anything that doesn’t help a customer get closer to a purchase. Most brands I work with are obsessed by ‘telling’ people about their product…. this is costing them sales!

My highest converting landing page has less than 50 words! It converts at 73% all day, every day!

Want a winning website that makes money…. take content out of your website…. particularly your home page.

5) Call to action

Donald Miller always says: don’t hide your cash register. SO many website are hiding their Direct Call To Action… Ensure your “buy now” button is prominently located and repeated often. The human brain needs to see a message 8 times on average before it processes the information.

There are literally countless ways to implement StoryBrand on your website and in your marketing. The bottom line is this:

Test, Measure and Adjust

My clients get sick of hearing me say this, but it is the only way to implement SToryBrand and increase your sales.

Try a lead generator for 30 days…. what percentage of website visitors downloaded it? Can you make the headline more compelling, change the copy or the imagery? Try it and then measure it again in 30 days.

What happened?

Did your conversion rate increase or decrease?

Then do it all over again…. Test, Measure and Adjust.

Your website (and marketing) should be living and breathing… if you haven;t changed your website in the last 30 days, chances are you are losing easy sales!

Feeling stuck? Want an independent website review? Send me your website and I will take a look for you. I promise to give you at least 3 things that will increase your sales… no strings attached.

Remember to download my free PDF, 20 Website Examples built on the StoryBrand Framework.

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