Telling your story in video


A clear message and a well structured brand narrative can produce powerful videos that set you apart from your competitors.

Businesses often struggle to connect with their customers. Their marketing message is so 'company focused' that their conversion rate suffers.... so many businesses are wasting money on marketing, only to see a big fat ZERO.

Here are two great examples of brand story telling. One is done on a big budget and the other is done on a very small budget (see the link in comments to view this one) 

Notice how the brand is not positioned as the hero of the story. The customer is. You can easily identify with these examples. A great marketing video should have your customer subconsciously saying 'that's me'.... this brand understands me. 

A great corporate video should also inspire action, in other words it should help you increase your conversion rate. 

How can your brand do this?

1) Read the book, Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

2) Complete your BrandScript (directions in the book)

3) Use the BrandScript to develop your video. 




Want to learn more about using the StoryBrand Framework to produce great video?

In our other Blog, we dissect a promotional video and show you exactly how they applied the StoryBrand Framework to their video.


If you want help clarifying your message and developing great scripts for your corporate video, schedule a call, our certified StoryBrand guide can help you reach and connect with more customers. 

Jamie Buttigieg