How much is poor performance really costing your business?

Many Business owners & managers struggle with staff. Motivating them, holding them accountable, having the tough conversations.  This hurts their cash flow and bottom line. We help businesses build motivated, high performing teams, that execute consistently on the things that lead to goal achievement. Clients who use our framework quickly see improved profit, cash flow and ultimately find their business (and staff) much easier to manage.

Avoid painful financial losses, our program will help you thrive


Boost engagement & retention

Finally, a process for team accountability that drives team engagement and retention.


Build a winning team

Achieve your goals every time by building a high performance team. You'll get a proven framework.

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Grow cash flow fast 

With increased cash flow, you'll once again be able to invest in the things your business needs to thrive.

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Transform yourself 

Get the knowledge & tools to deliver results! Become a respected business leader & learn to have difficult conversations.


We Understand...

We understand that you can often feel frustrated or overwhelmed, poor performing (or inconsistent) teams hurt your cash flow. They also consume your time and distract you from getting things done, it's just plain wrong. 

We believe that you deserve to have a thriving business, a business that makes your competitors take notice.

We help businesses all around Australia, here is what they say


How to work with us - Getting started

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1. schedule a call 

We know it can be hard to take the first step. So we listen, without judgement, without the hard sell. We promise. 

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2. Implement the program 

Jamie will spend the day with you and your team, take you through the process including goal setting, lead measures, scoreboards and accountability structure. We make it fun!


3. We support you 

You'll get three follow up sessions with Jamie to guide you through the implementation.  If you need more, no worries, we will make it happen. 



Our Promise

Will it work? Like you, we are frustrated by "business coaches" with fluffy content and grand promises,  so called "experts" who lack real business experience and results.
Our products have helped hundreds of businesses just like yours, which is why we created our "5X ROI Guarantee".  Get 5 times return on your investment, or your money back! 

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make it happen


How much is poor performance really costing your business?

One study showed that highly engaged teams produce 147% more than disengaged teams. It is time to get control.


One day with your team will change your culture and performance levels. 

Minimise down-time: We deliver the Framework onsite with you and your team om one day.

Follow up & support sessions conducted remotely.

(Available within Australia only)



Price ex. GST. Travel costs additional and quoted separately. Speak to us for full Terms and Conditions.